Trowbridge Walking Forum


Welcome to the Trowbridge Walking Forum


The Trowbridge Walking Forum has been guiding walks in the area surrounding Trowbridge for well over 10 years. Whatever your age or ability, you can enjoy these walks. They are designed to provide sociable exercise. They are free  - you can just turn up and join us.

 The Wednesday walks are typically 2½ to 3½ miles  (1 to 1½ hours)  and usually include field paths and stiles.

 On Mondays the walks alternate between longer walks of 4 to 5 miles with stiles and some hills, and shorter walks of less than 2 miles which are mostly on paved paths.

The Benefits of Walking

Fitter people have a greater chance of living longer. At least 7 in 10 people do not take enough regular exercise to benefit their health.

It is recommended that everyone should be moderately active for 30 minutes on five days a week and walking is the perfect exercise - it requires no equipment, needs little skill and costs nothing. Brisk walking is the aim but start slowly, building the pace up gradually. This will maximise the health benefits.

 If you have any doubt about walk suitability for you please consult your doctor.

 Walk programmes  ( and maps for finding the start points) are produced quarterly and are available here on the web from local Information Centres, and are published in the Wiltshire Times. Each walk normally has one or two walk leaders, some with first aid training, and who carry mobile phones.

However, while the walk leaders have taken care to avoid any hazards that may be encountered while walking they cannot predict the conditions that may arise on a walk and therefore you do join these walks at your own risk

 Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and wear good comfortable shoes. In hot weather bring some water to avoid dehydration.