Trowbridge Walking Forum


Risk Assessment


RefRiskWho might be harmedRisk minimisationFurther action to contain Risk
1TrafficAll walkers  
1.1  Always use pavements when available 
1.2  If not, keep to the left, group to walk in single fileLookouts front and back of group to wear yellow jacket and use whistle to warn of approaching traffic.
1.3  Use traffic island, zebra or pelican crossings if possible 
1.4  If not, choose safe place and cross carefullyWalk Leader to cross first, marshal walkers across road in small groups.
2Time of YearAll walkers  
2.1Severe weather Leaders and group consult whether to pursue walkWalk Leader to abandon walk if unsafe
2.2Vegetation WarnLeader to cut back as necessary
2.3Mud Sensible footwear and warning to pay attentionLeader to pick out best route round, maybe re-route
2.4Frost Sensible footwear and warning to pay attentionWalkers to avoid worst affected areas
2.5Snow Sensible footwear and warning to pay attentionWalkers to avoid worst affected areas if possible
3Landscape FeaturesAll WalkersWarning at beginning of walk 
3.1Gradients Allow walkers to progress up slopes at own speedAllow time for all walkers to recover
3.2Stiles - difficult/slippery Warn and assistWalk Leader assist less able walkers over
3.3Field walking: rough terrain/stony/rabbit holes WarnWalkers to watch where they are going and take care where they place their feet
3.4Barbed wire WarnIf possible cover
3.5Wire across route (electric or non-electric) Leader to use insulated walking stick to either hold down or temporarily move wire whilst all walkers are over.Instruct walkers not to touch the wire
3.6Animals – cows, sheep, WarnWalk Leader to move group away and walk round animals. Do not startle animals. Watch for any signs of aggression
Horses etcAllow Registered Assistance Dogs Only on walk
4Urban WalkingAll Walkers  
4.1Pavements – wobbly, potholes, trip hazards WarnWalk Leader to walk round obstacle
4.2Pavements slippery WarnWalkers to avoid worst affected areas if possible
4.3Overhanging branches or bushes Warn and offer assistanceRemove where possible
Remind walkers to be observant
4.4Dog mess Warn 
4.5Car parks Warn to look out for moving carsRemind walkers to be observant
4.6Cycles on walkways or canal towpaths Warn re possibility of cyclistsWalk Leader/back marker blow whistle to warn walkers. Remind walkers to be observant
4.7Raised tree roots Warn beforehand and offer helpAvoid walking on them